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With the dynamic development of urban areas, many natural habitats have been destroyed. Especially, the population of small birds has been severely affected by rapid urbanization. Modern building technologies have caused a dramatic decrease in spaces used to create safe habitats. To help restore balance in our environment and to look with greater empathy at the fate of our smaller brethren, we have created "Numbird."


Numbird is a collection of digit-shaped nesting boxes, designed to indicate street addresses in urban areas. By choosing the appropriate combination of numbers and mounting them on the front wall of a building, you can invite local birds to share your space.

The shared number is both a practical and symbolic element of our commitment to improving the lives of all city inhabitants.

An essential element of the project is creating the opportunity for families to assemble and install the birdhouse together. We hope that through the shared effort of preparing our number-birdhouse, we can emotionally engage all residents, especially the youngest ones.

The kit includes elements made of waterproof plywood impregnated with natural oil, as well as all the parts necessary for quick, self-assembly. It is packaged in a box that can be easily and quickly delivered by courier.

We believe that by popularizing our project, the city can become a better place to live, where people and birds coexist peacefully.


Numbird is a family project of Paweł Frej (Hi Brands) and Mikołaj Nicer (Nicer Design), who share a passion for industrial design. Thanks to many years of experience, they have received several dozen awards, including Red Dot Design and IF Awards. Their goal is to create products that are not only beautiful, but also improve the quality of life and promote sustainability.

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